Accounts Receivable Servicing

Outsourcing your accounts receivables?

Welcome to the accounts receivables servicing division of Corporate Finance New York. Financial institutions are realizing the benefits of outsourcing the servicing of their accounts receivables portfolio or entire servicing department to an outside company/third-party provider.

There are many advantages why a lending institution would want to outsource their servicing including a stronger focus on sales and business development, budget cuts or restructuring, and therefore outsourcing servicing is becoming more and more feasible.

We offer a complete range of account servicing and management services and our team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the AR servicing and management field are available to consider most situations.

For more information on outsourcing the servicing of your accounts receivables, please send us a brief summary of your request and include:

1. Portfolio amount
2. Type of accounts (percentage of credit cards, consumer, commercial)
3. Any other relevant information

Thank you for your interest in our AR servicing options.


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