Private Label Factoring | For Banks

Private Label Factoring

Our Private Label Factoring can allow banks to reduce or eliminate their risk! Bankers can fund their own factoring deals using our lines of credit under our "Private Label" Program.  In addition, now you can give your non-bankable and financially troubled customers an answer that keeps the cash flowing while you maintain control of the relationship. We provide today's regulated lender resources to assist those troubled clients.  With extensive capital and experience, we are poised to help. We can assist you by providing solutions to help with clients that are:

Non-traditional credits
In your workout or special assets department
In technical default
On interest only payments

Working in partnership with you, we can tailor a receivables funding/financing program that will allow you to maintain a "guaranteed" position in your collateral, while providing your customers with the necessary capital.  We can also provide additional monitoring and control for customers in the midst of or recovering from financial setbacks.  A partnership with Corporate Finance New York, allows for reduced risk, retention of customers and sold secondary financing solutions.  For more information on our Private Label Program, please send us a brief email and we'll have our corporate sales manager contact you directly.